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Hi, I'm Krissy and welcome to my blog! I'm huge anime fanatic and Yu-Gi-Oh! is my favorite anime, I'm married to Kiryu Kyosuke and having an affair with Ryo Marufuji... Oops. Also I have a thing for a band called Emblem 3.


welcome to tumblr where, unlike on facebook, it’s cool to have an anime character as your profile picture

I’m sorry I’m not being very social, school is wearing me out.


Perks of dating me: I’ll let you sleep on my boobs

employer: so what's your motivation to get a job
me: i need money to buy my stupid video game shit
Screw geometry, for real.

Screw geometry, for real.


kanye west isnt that great tbh 



The AÐventures of the Ð

the trinity is complete


Hey remember when yugioh was about a homicidal pharaoh possessing a high schooler’s body and getting an extremely sadistic revenge on anybody he wanted?